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TV Reception Issue

Info received from a village resident.  Are you experiencing similar issues?

Over a few months, I have been having trouble with the TV reception from around 5 pm to approx 7 pm, it meant missing the end of programmes or half of them, the TV would become pixilated or I would lose the signal altogether,

I eventually called Freeview who asked me to unplug the Arial re-programme the TV, plug the Arial in again and repeat the operation which I did, this did not resolve the problem.

They then gave me a number to ring 0808 1313 800 which is a G4 contact Number, following conversation they sent me two filters to fit one as the Arial enters the house and the other just before the TV, I did this and left it a couple of weeks to monitor the situation, the problem returned.

I again called the G4 number to report the outcome, following this called they sent out two engineers to take readings and if required take the necessary action, on arrival the engineers took meter readings and found my TV signal from Winter Hill was being overpowered by the signal from the G4 mast in the Village, they then went on the roof and fitted a filter to my Arial, came back down and took more readings which appear to have suppressed the signal from the mast, we now have reception even on the spare TV in the spare bedroom.
I am relating this long drawn out narrative because the engineers informed me they had been to several properties in the Village, and maybe if villagers were made aware they would not need to pursue the frustrating path I trod.

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