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Vintage Village Fete

Photos circa early 1960's courtesy of Ian & Malcolm Iosson.
[click image for larger photo]

Message from Malcolm:

I have been going through my slide collection, and have found some pictures of Dame Margaret Rutherford opening the Comberbach Village Fete.  I am not sure of the year, but it would have been either 1963 or 1964 - perhaps the village fete records will show when it was. It looks as though the Iosson family have almost a monopoly on the photos!

Message from Ian:
I have just been looking at some of the photos which you have kindly put on the website – I am afraid my brother, Malcolm is incorrect about Margaret Rutherford opening Comberbach Village Fete. It was Great Budworth Fete and it was held at Boxhedge and the reverend in the picture was the Reverend Forster who was vicar of Great Budworth church from about 1962 (not sure of the exact year) until the early 70’s I think.

1 thought on “Vintage Village Fete

  1. Geoffrey Bennett

    l had the pleasure of escorting Margaret Rutherford during fete which was held in the grounds of the house newly owned by 3m.
    I was headboy at Belmont Hall and in our blazers and straw boaters 3 of my fellow prefects accompanied her and her partner and co-star Skinner Davies during the afternoon. At one point we sat with her signing autographs with donations placed in my hat.
    When I walked arm in arm with her to the film showing in a large marquee we passed a lady crying. Miss Rutherford said should we see if she needed help but I explained the lady was my mother and those were tears of pride. I would dearly love to see photos from that day.


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