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Schedule of Meetings

Parish Council Meetings
Held in the village Memorial Hall.

Meetings are open to all residents and members of the general public and press.  They are normally held on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.15pm.  The first part of the evening is given over to hearing about any residents concerns.

All meetings are held on a Tuesday.

Members of the public are welcome to speak at the Open Forum at 7.15pm and to be present for the meeting afterwards

 Meeting Dates                                                           

2020 - 5 May * (see note below); 14 July; 15 September; 27 October; 8 December

2021 - 19 January; 9 March                                      

*in view of the current situation with Coronavirus this meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.  If you wish to watch the meeting please contact the Parish Clerk for details

Agendas & Minutes are published on the notice board by the Post Office and at

 Finance Committee meetings

Finance Committee meetings are held quarterly, the next one is by video conference on Thursday 23rd April 2020. Please see the agenda on the Agendas and Minutes page if you want to be present, and follow the instructions there.

Contact the Parish Council as below:

Cllr. John Ryder (Chairman) 26 Burgamot Lane

Comberbach, CW9 6BU

01606 891827 Barrymore Crescent, Burgamot Lane, The Avenue – to Spinner, Budworth lane, Crownest Lane, Senna Lane (upper from Mather Drive)
Cllr. Jim E Bradley 3 Bracken Way

Comberbach CW9 6QF

01606 891005

07708 633458

Bracken Way, Kennelwood, Fox Lea Freshfields, Broadacre
Cllr. Rena Bradley 3 Bracken Way

Comberbach CW9 6QF

01606 891005 Bracken Way, Kennelwood, Fox Lea Freshfields, Broadacre
Cllr. Steven Hornby

(Vice Chairman)

Sunny Bank, Marbury Road, Comberbach, CW9 6AY 07970 499227 Cogshall Lane, Outer Cogshall, Mather Drive
Cllr Jill Johnston 6 Barrymore Crescent

Comberbach CW9 6PA

01606 892121 Goosebrook Close, Brookfield Road, Spinner Crescent, Chapel Close, Reedsmere Walk
Cllr Bob Holt 8 Cogshall Lane,

Comberbach CW9 6BS

07739 046775 Senna Lane (lower to Mather Drive) Warrington Road  from Spinner, Marbury Road, The Moss, Meadow Lane
Denise French


  07759 212449


With due notice any extra-ordinary meetings will be held for any village business requiring decisions from the Parish Council.