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Schedule of Meetings

Parish Council Meetings
Held in the village Memorial Hall.

Meetings are open to all residents and members of the general public and press.  They are normally held on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.15pm.  The first part of the evening is given over to hearing about any residents concerns.

The schedule for 2019/2019 is as below:

14 May 2019Annual Parish Meeting6.30 pm
14 May 2019Parish Council Annual General Meeting 7.15 pm
14 May Parish Council Meeting7.30 pm
02 July 2019Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm
23 July 2019Finance Committee Meeting4.30 pm
27 August 2019Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm
22 October 2019Finance Committee Meeting6.30 pm
22 October 2019Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm
10 December 2019Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm
9 January 2020Finance Committee Meeting4.30 pm
21 January 2020Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm
25 February 2020Finance Committee Meeting4.30 pm
10 March 2020Parish Council Meeting7.15 pm

With due notice any extra-ordinary meetings will be held for any village business requiring decisions from the Parish Council.