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Agenda & Minutes

Meeting Agendas and Minutes, from the previous year [minimum], are published by the Parish Clerk on the Councils 'One Drive' held in the cloud.  To enable viewing, and printing, these can be accessed by following the relevant link:

Agendas & Minutes

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
10 March 2020 - Parish CouncilCPC agenda 200310
25 February 2020 - Finance Committee1 agenda FC 250220
21 January 2020 - Parish Council1 signed agenda200121 DRAFT CPC Minutes
9 January 2020 - Finance Committee1 Finance Committee 200901200109 FINAL DRAFT FC Minutes_
10 December 2019 - Parish CouncilCOMBERBACH PARISH COUNCIL 191210 sp191210 DRAFT CPC Minutes
22 October 2019 - Parish CouncilFINAL COMBERBACH PARISH COUNCIL 22102019191022 DRAFT CPC Minutes
22 October 2019 - Finance CommitteeFINAL CPC FC 221020192 191022 DRAFT FC Minutes
27th August 2019FINAL COMBERBACH PARISH COUNCIL 270819190827DRAFT CPC Minutes
2nd July 2019signed agenda 020719190702DRAFT CPC Minutes
14th May 2019
12th March 2019
22nd January 2019

Requests for older Agenda and Minutes information can be obtained on request from the Parish Clerk.