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1947 Report

Crowning at Comberbach

Royal visitors were guests of honour at the first major fete in Comberbach since the war, the rose fete and gymkhana organised by Comberbach Victory Memorial Hall Committee, on Saturday, in the grounds of Belmont Hall, Great Budworth (by permission of Lieut. Colonel O. Mosley Legh and Mr H Kinsey).

Four village queens and their courts provided a brilliant splash of colour against the pleasant greens of tree and grass, and a large crowd watched the crowning of Miss Renie Robinson, Rose Queen of Comberbach, by the retiring queen, Miss Dorothy Cunew.

Unfortunately, rain interrupted the gymkhana programme, but the large trees of Belmont Park provided adequate shelter for spectators. To the music of the Barnton Silver Band, the procession wound through the surrounding lanes to the Hall. Members of Barnton Youth Club Junior and Senior dancing troupes, smart in their light green and white dresses escorted the queens and after the crowning ceremony presented an attractive dancing display.

Miss Gwen Greatbanks, Rudheath Queen, in a white satin gown and Royal purple cloak was attended by a retinue dressed in pale blue. She was followed by Miss Marie Jones, Barnton Rose Queen, in a red cloak over her white satin dress and the Comberbach retiring queen, Miss Dorothy Cunew, who wore white satin with a red velvet cloak trimmed with ermine.

The new Comberbach Rose Queen wore a white satin gown and cloak of purple velvet trimmed with silver ivy leaves. She carried a bouquet of cream roses.

Pretty pastel shades provided a pleasing colour contrast among the queen’s court. Cornflower blue satin frocked the maids of honour, Miss Hilda Barrow and Miss Joan Withenshaw. The train bearers, the Misses Marjorie Harrison, Doreen McQuail, Gillian Proudlove and Glennis Maddock, wore pink and white satin frocks and carried baskets of flowers. Master George Garnett, in an old-world suit, was the crown bearer, Master Maurice Jones, Sceptre Bearer and Master Charles Stubbs, Herald.

The Children’s fancy dress competition was judged by Mrs Mosley Legh and Mrs H Kinsey. Juniors: Master Simms, Intermediate: 1. H Evans, 2. Dorothy Jones, 3. D Littler, Senior: 1. Miss Garnett, 2. Sadie Jones, 3. M Littler.

Mr Harry Bailey was fete secretary and Mr R Dewsbury treasurer.

8 AUGUST, 1947

Reproduced by kind permission of the Northwich Guardian