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1946 Report


Rose Queen Crowned

Comberbach Victory Fete was held on Whit Monday at Marbury Park and although the proceedings were marred by rain the occasion was enjoyable and was the means of augmenting funds for the provision of a memorial hall which will cost £2000 and will be placed near the cenotaph. There is a credit balance of approximately £400 in the fund.

There was a special service at the cenotaph on Sunday evening when Lieut. Col. Scowcroft, OBE of Marbury POW Camp unveiled the additional memorial inscription on the cenotaph to those who fell in the war. A wreath was placed on the plinth by Mr Tom Cowap, a disabled soldier of the 1914-18 war, as was Mr William Acton who sounded the Last Post. The Rev. L S Brasnett (Vicar of Great Budworth) conducted the memorial service.

The fete was held in a field lent by Mr George Woodcock of ‘Fairfield’  Great Budworth and it provided an excellent setting for the revels with its belt of trees and a clear view of Marbury Mere and Great Budworth Church in the far distance.

In spite of inclement weather, there was a procession from Avenue Farm via Mather Drive to Marbury Park and the Rose Queen and her court were given an enthusiastic reception on their way to the crowning ceremony, which fortunately was completed during a fair period of the afternoon.


The Rose Queen-elect was Dorothy Cunew, a smiling and dignified figure among a large number of pretty girls of the neighbourhood who made up her retinue.

The crowning ceremony was performed by Mrs Sace of Cogshall Hall, who was presented with a bouquet of red roses by Barbara Harrison. It was a picturesque ceremony and the members of the court played their part with nice regard for deportment and rhythmic movement, and creditable to the queen and her retinue and to Mesdames Redman and Rayner who were responsible for the training of the children.

The members of the court were: Lady in waiting, Hilda Barrow; Maids of Honour, Dorothy Redfern, Doreen Betts, Phyllis Proudlove, Renee Robinson, Margaret Hulme and Ann Renshaw; Britannia, Edith Acton; Symbols of Peace; May Haspell and Eileen Matzen; America, Beryl Plant; India, Joan Withenshaw; Flower Girls, Carol Evans, Gillian Proudlove, Dorothy Jones, Glenis Maddock, Barbara Harrison and Margery Harrison; Dancing Girls, Gwen Preece, Ena Preece, Joyce Jones, Sadie Jones, Sheila Garnett, Grace Matzen, Ann Betts and Patricia Sherratt; Soldiers; Phillip Redfern and Alan Knipe; Admiral of the Fleet, Keith Foster; Heralds; Michael Forth and John Rayner; Sceptre Bearer, Donald Hughes; Crown Bearer, George Garnett.

The Barnton Silver Prize Band, under the conductorship of Mr E Leicester, supplied the music for the ceremony and the revels which followed.


A baby show for children between five months and two years attracted an excellent entry which was judged by Nurse Unsworth (Warrington) who made awards as follows; 1 John Tomlinson Heath Farm Wincham, Marilyn Beckett, Senna Lane, 3 Lynn Williams, Latchford.

There were various sideshows, displays by a troupe of dancers from Warrington, and by the drummers and buglers of the Warrington squadron of the ATC and the Warrington Unit of Women’s Junior Air Corps and the Barnton Silver Band played during the evening when a programme of children's races was continued.

The arrangements for the fete were carried out by the committee of the Memorial Hall Fund of which Mr Charles Lamb is Chairman and Miss M Woodcock Secretary. Mr G P Redman was the honorary treasurer. Assistance in the preparation of the field was given by the Commandant of Marbury Hall Camp Colonel and Mrs Sace and Mr and Mrs Cameron Rose helped in several capacities, and  refreshments arrangements were in charge of Mesdames Rayner, Proudlove, Howard, Johnson, Barrow, Haspell, Acton, Thurlwell, Frith, P Robinson, Leicester, Redfern, Cunnew, Matzen, O Percival, C Lamb, H Lamb, Birtles and Miss Emily Woodcock and Miss Johnson.


Reproduced by kind permission of the Northwich  Chronicle