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Fete History

A Brief History of the Fete

The first Village Fete was held on Monday 10th June 1946 as part of the post-war celebrations. Dorothy Cunew was crowned Queen as part of the Victory Fete which was held at Marbury Park.

A ballot to choose the 'Queen' was held in the village. Names of candidates were handed in at the Post Office (then on Marbury Road) and the children of the village voted for the Queen and her attendants. The Queen had a Lady in Waiting and four attendants.

The Fete was staged again in August 1947, this time at Belmont Hall when Rene Robinson was Queen, accompanied by two Ladies in Waiting, four train bearers, crown and sceptre bearers and a herald. The event was reported in detail by the Northwich Guardian.

1949 saw the opening of the Memorial Hall and the introduction of an Annual Garden Party at the Hall.

After three years without a Queen the custom was revived as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations with the crowning of Kathleen Wrench on 28th July 1951. Once again the events were reported extensively by the Northwich Guardian.

The event continued throughout the 1950's (with a break in 1957), but was discontinued after 1964. Until this time the Fete had been organised by the Memorial Hall Committee.

1970 saw the creation of the Fete Committee and another revival of the Fete in an attempt to raise funds for a Youth Club, but it was 1973 before the custom of crowning a Queen was reintroduced and the first Queen of the new era was Karen Robinson.

Since then the event has gone from strength to strength and has now become not only one of the most popular Fetes in Cheshire but is a major source of funding for the local community.