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Senna Lane Shop

A picture of the (last remaining) shop in Senna Lane in the 1950s. The Post Office was originally on Marbury Road but a post by Susan Lamb told that her dad's mum ran the Post Office and her mothers family a 'sort of' chippy in Senna Lane. This shop was a chippy when the yanks were at Marbury so maybe that is how this came to be the Post Office.

The information I have so far is that in the 1911 census the occupant was Mr Lightfoot (Farmer). In Phillip Rayners 'memories', he states  The present Post Office was an off-licence. They used to sell barrels of ale! It was a small holding. (Lightfoot's?)

In 1932 the property was auctioned as part of the Marbury Estate and was described as A Most Desirable Smallholding. The Tenant was Mr H M Whittaker.

The property was owned by a Miss Roberts in the 60s, The Foys retired about 1980, The Meakins took over and sold to the Andrews who retired in 1988 and the Wrights retired in 1992 but there are still a few gaps.

Any more information?

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