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Moss Garage & More

Here is another Comberbach memory for you - when there were two garages in the village. The garage on the Moss. I seem to remember it was run by a Polish chap called Louis or something like that. But before that, I have a vague recollection it was someone called Gee or something like that. I remember I bought my first car there - a 1958 model Standard 8. This location has been a couple of houses for many years now.  Best regards, Ian Iosson

I also remember the Garage on the Moss it was called Smithy Garage at it had been a smithy in previous times, I still remember the forge but not in use. Ian is correct it was owned by a Polish man I can not remember his name but I do remember he won the football pools a couple of times. His mechanic was called Paul Simms. The garage was next Fords shop which I think was also the post office. Regards, Peter Frank

I was browsing the Comberbach site, specifically the pictures & comments by Ian Iosson and Peter Frank. (I remember that Peter's father (?) ran a small garden nursery on the Marbury estate). Anyway, I can fill in some of the questions raised re The Moss (Smithy) garage etc. as my father ran the adjacent general store (not post office!) from 1954 to 1972. The old garage was pulled down shortly after we arrived in Comberbach and a new one built, being financed by Louis (Polish) who had won, as Peter says, a sizable amount on the pools. Louis's brother John was the principle and (excellent) mechanic of the 'old school'. Louis, not being a mechanic, concentrated on car sales; the garage having a Skoda franchise.

Peter mentioned Paul Simms who was a member of the Simms's family who lived in a cottage at the rear of the garage, down the RH side and to the right. My father said that old Mrs Simms used to walk across the field at the back, between her house & Dog Kennel Wood, at least once a year, to keep the footpath open! (Tom Woodcock's land).

When I lived in Comberbach there were 4 shops, ours, Millie's hut (sold sweets & knick knacks -positioned on the corner of Marbury Road & Senna Lane), Wyatt's (Marbury Road, LH side heading towards the Spinner & Bergamot pub) they had the newspaper round, and the existing post office on Senna Lane.

As I was in the Scouts at Comberbach (we used an old WW II mission hut positioned at the Comberbach end of the Marbury Estate), I remember Tom Holland very well. A smashing chap, being a PR manager for ICI down at Winnington works.   I won't bore you with any more other than one other little anecdote: As a young boy (13+) friends and I used to play, quite often, around Marbury estate, where sometimes we would knock on the kitchen windows of the old hall and the Polish cooks would usually give us some pie or cake as a treat!

Incidentally, I haven't seen any mention of Belmont Hall Private Grammar School for boys, run by Mr & Mrs Fletcher! Hope this helps. Regards, Robin Ford

I am reliably informed that the owner of the garage was a Lewis Pisrag (a ‘Russian Pole’) who ran it with his brother John. The mechanic was Peter Symms who lived in the bungalow in the Moss (behind the houses that now stand where the garage was). His brother lives there now. Regards, Steve Howard