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The External Auditors have signed off the Parish Council's accounts for 2018/19. This link CPC Annual Return 201819 takes you to the Notice of Conclusion of Audit and the associated Annual Return forms.

Here's the agenda for the Parish Council Finance Committee meeting on 23rd July Finance Committee 230719

Here is the link to Comberbach Parish Council's Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2018/19

CPC AGAR 1 and 2 201819

Members of the public have the right to inspect the accounts for the Parish Council prior to the annual External Audit. The link below is to the official notice advising this, please see the separate notice for a copy of the Annual Return

CPC notice of public rights 1819

Following the closure of the Recreation Area this week (Week 20), for the installation of new wet pour all the work will be completed by tomorrow evening.  It will require to dry overnight.  Therefore it's pleasing to report that as from Saturday 18 May 2019 the area can be accessed once again.

Take a look and enjoy!